How to Avoid a Criminal Record as a Young Offender?

A criminal defense lawyer experienced in defending young offenders can help you or your family member avoid a youth criminal record.

The Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) sets out how youth ought to be treated and recognizes a number of principles that distinguishes them from the prosecution of adult offenders.

Our Criminal Lawyers, Barrister we understand that in recognition of young offenders psychological vulnerability, criminal trials involving youth are expected to be resolved as swiftly, without incurring a significant delay.

Tips to avoid young offender criminal record

The YJCA also acknowledges that youth are not to be treated as morally responsible as adults, and thus is more focused on rehabilitation than punishment.

For this reason, it enlists community organizations, parents and guardians to help young offenders get back on track.
These principles are also reflected in the sentencing of young offenders. In most cases, the YCJA encourages the informal resolution of cases unless a serious crime has been committed.

Often youth matters will be resolved through community service, counselling or educational programs.Our Criminal Lawyers works towards these kinds of resolutions for youth, even those charged with violent crimes.

When a teenager is charged with a criminal offence, the stress for the young person and their family is enormous. If you are in this kind of situation, it is important to seek competent legal help right away. With Young Offender Lawyer in Oakville, you will receive professional service quickly and every effort will be made to achieve the best possible outcome in the given situation.

On our team, we have attorneys who are specialists in cases based on the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Over the years, we have worked with many young people and their parents. This experience helps us to find the right approach to every single client and their case. It is important for us to give you not only the best legal service, but also the moral support that you require when going through the entire process. Our lawyers have litigated various cases in the field of youth criminal justice and our success rate is very high. We also keep up with the latest developments in the field. All this gives us confidence that we can handle and bring to successful outcome even the most challenging new cases.

The Youth Criminal Justice Act is applicable when the alleged offender is between 12 and 18 years of age. Children under the age of 12 cannot receive conviction for criminal offences in Canada. The Act’s major aims are to hold young people accountable for their actions and to help them with rehabilitation and reintegration to society. It provides for extrajudicial measures or sanctions to be applied when there is such possibility. The lightest extrajudicial measure is warning given to the adolescent. There are various types of programs designed to support young people and to help them get in control of their lives. The Young Offender Lawyer Oakville and our whole team will do everything necessary to bring the best possible result and to help the young person who becomes out client.

A key factor in the work of your Young Offender Lawyer Oakville will be to prepare you for the whole process. Both the accused young person and their parents receive full support from their counselor and all other staff members involved in the case. We will give you maximum confidence for going through the different procedures. Your lawyer will fight to defend your right relentlessly. Our goal is to achieve the best result every time.

To receive full legal assistance in case of youth criminal offence charges, call us now.